Oak Park Properties


The Contra Costa County owns two (2) parcels in the South Pleasant Hill, and controls a portion of a third parcel. The parcels have either have deemed surplus to County needs, and the Board of Supervisors has directed the Public Works Department to pursue the sale of the property to realize its asset value; or are being pursued by various public agencies for public facilities to serve the citizens of Pleasant Hill and Central County. The subject properties are referred to as 1700 Oak Park Boulevard and 1750 Oak Park Boulevard. Collectively these properties are referred to as the "Oak Park Properties". The potential housing portion will be referred to as the "Oak Park Residential".

The administrative unit of the County responsible of the Oak Park Properties is the County Public Works Department. They will be assisted by the consulting firm of JK & Associates (Program Manager) and Bates Stringer Oak Park LLC (Project Manager).

To secure land use approvals to enable the development of a single-family detached residential housing project on approximately 5.8 acres. Upon securing entitlements with the City of Pleasant Hill, the County intends to convey the development to a home builder for buildout of development. The land use approval process could take 18-24 months, including an EIR, and consultant costs and City of Pleasant Hill application fees.  Along with the development of residential housing, Oak Park Boulevard and Monticello Avenue will receive upgraded improvements. 

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